Aspects That Affect Composting in London, Greater London and the Surrounding Areas

Why is Composting So Beneficial

Compost is a very environmentally safe source of nitrogen because compost-nitrogen is in organic form and must be mineralized before it has the potential to leach and to contaminate water supplies (such as groundwater).

Mineralization (the conversion of organic forms of an element into inorganic forms) occurs slowly in natural systems. That is just one reason why compost is so much better than chemical fertilizers.

Why is Compost Called “Black Gold”

Compost is sometimes referred to as “black gold” because it recycles leaves, food scraps and grass clippings into a perfect food and organic mulch for all our plants.

Compost is the only “black gold”, manure is also a source of plant nutrients but good quality compost is always far better.


When Should Compost be Used

It is the perfect thing to spread around when you are creating a new garden, seeding a new lawn area, or planting a new tree. Compost can be sprinkled around plants during the growing season or used as a mulch in your perennial gardens.

Soil conditions govern crop production and crop quality, and in turn influence both animal and human health. This discovery is not new; it was recognised by the founders of the modern organic movement in the mid-20th century.

Can I Compost Weeds?

Weeds are fine, but keep seed heads out as much as possible, to avoid re-introducing the weeds when the compost is used, or build your heap up well and make sure it gets really hot (use instructions to make a proper insulated pile).

For the average gardener seed head materials should go in the trash and be removed to avoid re-growth. Seeds which remain active even after composting are a cause of concern, only if the pile does not reach its optimum temperature during composting.

When is the Best Time to Start a Compost Heap?

Ideally start your compost bin in spring and for best results combine a mixture of soft, green, nitrogen-rich material and dry, brown, carbon-rich material in roughly even quantities. The main rule is not to let one material dominate the heap.

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